Procuring infrastructure for international projects is a common challenge that we see our clients face. Our clients with international data centers found the process to be very time-consuming.

Adding a new international vendor, purchasing equipment in the U.S for shipment to global locations, tracking packages to make sure they clear customs, and ensuring the appropriate taxes were paid are just a few challenges our clients faced when it comes to international projects.

To help make their experience as seamless as possible, Mirapath offers international services to add value to our customers. Using this process, our clients can be as hands off as they’d like and our expert logistics team handles the rest.

Since we have a solid understanding of the requirements of shipping to different countries, we are able to help structure the sale to benefit our customer and save on the cost of shipping and taxes. We are also able to expedite shipments if the products are available in the same country.

Our clients appreciate the ease of doing business with a company that they know and trust, the peace of mind of not having to monitor if their items clear customs, and knowing they are working with vendors who can meet their needs and timelines. Rather than handle multiple invoices from different vendors, we compile everything into one complete invoice so that our clients only have one bill to pay.

Mirapath’s value-add capability of international services provides a smooth, seamless experience coupled with outstanding customer service.

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Mirapath’s Value-Add Capability: International Services