Why DCIM Has Not Taken Off

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We have all heard that DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) would take off as the must have tool for any organization. And, we have been hearing it for over 10 years!

And yet here we are in 2017 and DCIM is still not as widely installed as we would have expected.

Why is that?

  1. The overwhelming number of choices and vendors all calling themselves DCIM solution
  2. The disillusionment around the promise of DCIM as a “single source of true”
  3. Complexity in some vendor’s pricing models
  4. The lengthy deployment and installation time
  5. The lack of internal resources to take on DCIM
  6. Overall project cost and no clear sight of ROI
  7. Let’s be real, a DCIM project is a risky project to take on

Mirapath has been active in the DCIM market for over 5 years, working with our partners to support customers in finding the right solution for their requirements. While DCIM has matured significantly with higher adoption rates in the last few years, the same challenges outlined above are still present.

Mirapath’s methodology, “Design. Procure. Install. Manage”, addresses these DCIM project challenges and increases the success rate while minimizing risks.

Why DCIM Has Not Taken Off

If you’re interested in evaluating a DCIM solution, be sure to engage with Mirapath early. Schedule a free consultation and we can work with you from initial project scope through final implementation and ongoing support. You can also contact us at (877) 647-2728 or solutions@mirapath.com.

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