Case Study: 100% Trust

Have you ever gotten a tattoo? Gone skydiving? Done a trust fall? What do these things have in common? You put 100% of your trust into someone to draw permanently on your skin, open the parachute at the right moment, and catch you when you’re falling. This applies to many situations, including services in the IT industry.

A recent project turned into one of our most complex projects to date. One of our customers in South San Jose requested an entire data center buildout, including cabinets, structural cabling, ladder racks, 7,200 strands of fusion spliced fiber, power strips, and containment solutions. There were many obstacles but our team was committed to excellence and driving results, so we were able to get the job done to the customer’s satisfaction.

We designed a solution for them that included white cabinets, power strips, a dashboard, containment, and ladder racks while taking all of their seismic calculations and fiber requirements into consideration. The customer required a Leviton ribbon cassette and stranded backbone cabling. We knew that pre-terminated fiber cables would have been the best possible solution at that strand count and most of the contractors we spoke to agreed with us, but we went with what the customer wanted for their project.

This was a challenging project, but with our commitment to excellence and results-driven mindset, we were able to get everything done to our customer’s satisfaction. Sometimes, we may have to insist on doing a project differently than what the customer expects. But we have more than 17 years of expertise in this industry and we hope that you can put 100% of your trust in us. We promise to not let you down.

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