Case Study: Distance Makes IT grow stronger

One of our customers has over 250 UPSs spread throughout their campus and they weren’t sure how to monitor them from home. Without proper monitoring, users can’t tell exactly how much battery each UPS has left. If the battery dies, the office will experience downtime and lose critical data. They want to be able to monitor [...]

Case Study: Where in the world is Gilbert Cupertino?

Some people say things like “cabling is cabling” or “rack and stack is rack and stack” or “PDU configuration, shmeeDU configuration”, but the expert services team here at Mirapath knows that this is not the case. Delivering consistent quality to our customers no matter the location is of the utmost importance to our team. [...]

Case Study: Uncharted Waters In The Supply Chain

Ever since the pandemic hit, the shortage of labor forces has affected many operational functions in the supply chain. We don’t have the same amount of workers delivering shipments, working in factories, or clearing customs on the shipping dock that we used to have. What does this mean for your critical infrastructure moving forward? [...]

Case Study: All UP(S)time, No Downtime

Our team jumped in ready to identify the best possible solution for them. They wanted a quick way to start monitoring their UPSs and an alert system to proactively replace the equipment before it becomes a bigger issue. Mirapath’s services team went onsite to check their UPSs and found that they weren’t networked. Our [...]

Case Study: Easiest Move-In Process

What if someone provided everything on move-in day? You wouldn’t need to worry about a thing and could just focus on this new chapter of your life. How does this relate to your data center? Opening up a new data center can be a daunting task, just like moving into a new home. After [...]

Case Study: The Grinch of Data Centers

Unscheduled network downtime is every data center manager’s nightmare and this is why we help customers take preventative measures to avoid unnecessary stress. One of our major customers recently experienced downtime in their server room. Their power went down and down went their whole server room network. In panic mode, the customer realized that [...]

Case Study: Mira be nimble, Mira be quick, Mira jump over the candlestick

Okay, okay - no candlesticks were involved, but we were very nimble and very quick because meeting the needs of our customers is our number one priority. Here’s the story... The Mirapath team was winding down and preparing for a relaxing three-day weekend. It was 4:50 pm on the Friday before Labor Day. That’s [...]

Case Study: Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

Why reinvent the wheel when you could just design the newest and best wheel in the game? Mirapath recently completed a project that changed the game of cabling, provided everything within the given time frame, and exceeded customer expectations. Talk about a win, win, win… The customer needed a network and enclosure design, and [...]

Case Study: Preparing for the Worst

Have you ever backed up a device before installing a major update? Or do you take the risk and hope your information is all still there by the end of the changes? Our theme this quarter is sustainability and disaster preparedness, and while there are different ways to approach this, a recent project shows [...]

Case Study: All Things Cabling

Do you have people that you always go to for specific things? Like, “Oh, that’s my car guy” or “This is my nail lady”. Well, for one particular customer, we’re the “cabling guy” and have been for the past two and a half years. We’ve had a solid relationship with this customer, so much [...]

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