One of our customers has over 250 UPSs spread throughout their campus and they weren’t sure how to monitor them from home. Without proper monitoring, users can’t tell exactly how much battery each UPS has left. If the battery dies, the office will experience downtime and lose critical data. They want to be able to monitor the rack-mounted UPSs before any outages occur.

Like many other companies, their team could not go into the office regularly because of the pandemic so they have no way of tracking their UPS batteries. Luckily, Mirapath’s services team knew exactly how to help!

Our team went onto their site to check each UPS and battery model number to find that none of them were networked. The team coordinated with the supplier to buy network cards, install them, and coordinate with the network team to get UPSs monitored. This provides a quick and easy way for our customer to take preventative measures by getting alerts to stay proactive about whether batteries needed to be replaced.

After Mirapath worked its magic, the customer now has a monitoring system in place. It alerts them AND automatically creates a service ticket on their ServiceNow support system. The system then alerts the appropriate team to understand what kind of assistance is needed and whether we need to help replace the UPS battery before an outage occurs.

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