Case Study: The Grinch of Data Centers

Unscheduled network downtime is every data center manager’s nightmare and this is why we help customers take preventative measures to avoid unnecessary stress. One of our major customers recently experienced downtime in their server room. Their power went down and down went their whole server room network. In panic mode, the customer realized that their UPS battery needed to be replaced but was out of warranty.

The customer called Mirapath right away and asked for a quick assessment of all their server rooms in Northern California. They had begun a standardization of their UPS server room, but they were growing so fast they weren’t able to implement their original plan. Mirapath went onsite to develop a standardization process for their server rooms (both MDF and IDF rooms) that included the type of UPS used, required run time, network card installed, monitoring solution with alerts, and a tracking solution for warranty.

Our services team went straight to work, starting with an audit of each room to establish warranty and serial number information along with network information. They scheduled downtime to replace each UPS and PDU out of warranty, documenting the power connection, the purchase/expiration date, and network port.

Of course, we added preventative measures to avoid unscheduled downtime in the future by adding in a UPS and PDU monitoring solution that will alert users. The customers will now know in real-time if something is wrong before it turns into a disaster.

One of the main issues in the past few months is that there have been material shortages in the supply chain. However, our operations team is hands-on in making sure that all the products and components needed for this type of deployment are readily available when downtime needs to be scheduled for replacement.

The Mirapath team really showcased their detailed project management, creative solution architecture, and nimble inventory management. These three attributes resulted in the smooth delivery of this project.

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Contact us for a free consultation!