Case Study: Easiest Move-In Process

What if someone provided everything on move-in day? You wouldn’t need to worry about a thing and could just focus on this new chapter of your life.

How does this relate to your data center? Opening up a new data center can be a daunting task, just like moving into a new home. After getting the data center space, the customer needs to get it set up for the migration move and prep it for the deployment team to come along and deploy all the equipment efficiently without missing anything.

Mirapath sets up each data center with growth top of mind. One of our biggest customers continues to expand at a rapid growth rate and continues to open up more data centers. Mirapath came up with a solution of sending them a “care package” every time they open up a new location.

For every data center they opened up, we sent them a care package that contained velcro, tools, a ladder, a table, chairs, blanking panels, and stackable bins. It’s a set starter kit for opening up a new data center so instead of ordering the same items every time, all they needed to say is that they need one care package at this location.

Instead of 20+ SKU of the same item, one package is one SKU quoted, ordered, and delivered. Easy peasy.

Looking to open up a new data center? Reach out to Mirapath for a care package that will simplify, automate, and streamline your deployment process.

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