Case Study: All Things Cabling

Do you have people that you always go to for specific things? Like, “Oh, that’s my car guy” or “This is my nail lady”. Well, for one particular customer, we’re the “cabling guy” and have been for the past two and a half years.

We’ve had a solid relationship with this customer, so much that they flew some of our services team across the country to deploy their cabling at multiple sites. On the other hand, our team went on a 6-week installation 3,000 miles away from family and friends, which shows our commitment to them. The team was in New Jersey for two weeks and Virginia for four weeks to deliver cabling deployments at four separate sites.

It’s impossible to go through a six-week deployment without facing a few challenges, but thankfully we had Project Manager, Ushi, and our expert techs to get the job done.

One of the VA sites had a new cage being fed by an existing cage 50’ away. Because there was a different customer between these 2 cages, the only pathway available was underneath the sub-RAF. That basket tray was accessible to just about anyone, so we had dual 4” conduit pathways built above the ceiling grid while we started a different site.

The pre-terminated fiber also unexpectedly shipped on spools, and because we had to fit (50) cat6 and (20) MPOs into each 4” conduit, we had to pull it all at once to avoid the potential of damaging the cable. That meant we had to go out and get (4) sets of jack stands and set up those runs in the cage – one heck of a setup but it worked out!

The customer had to put a pre-order on the materials due to supply chain and design changes, so we also had a bunch of leftover material (around 30 large boxes between the 4 sites). Getting that all packed and sent back to CA was a job in itself! Customer service at UPS definitely hates Ushi now.

At the end of the day, they were able to get everything done on time and the customers were impressed with the ingenuity and speed of the results.

Big kudos to our services team for successfully completing such a big project. There were two major takeaways – one, our services team is up for any challenge, and two, Dominic (our COO) is not as much fun in VA as he is in CA, which is a HUGE bummer. Just joking…

So in conclusion, if you need an “IT infrastructure guy”, we’re here for you.

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