Case Study: Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

Why reinvent the wheel when you could just design the newest and best wheel in the game?

Mirapath recently completed a project that changed the game of cabling, provided everything within the given time frame, and exceeded customer expectations. Talk about a win, win, win…

The customer needed a network and enclosure design, and they needed it “yesterday”. They had to find a viable partner not only to help with architecting the best solution but also to get the necessary parts in time to meet their demanding schedule.

*Enter Mirapath*

Mirapath worked with our close partner to deliver the latest and greatest MTP16 fiber trunks for the 400G connections as well as the matching patch panels for these MTP16 connections. MTP16 is a brand new product. Not many vendors or factories are even familiar with all the particulars of this new connector, let alone have all the necessary parts to build and deliver the cables and panels on time. We knew that these specific fiber cables and panels were pivotal to delivering the exact solution that the customer needed.

Mirapath was knowledgeable, nimble, and efficient enough to line up our resources on the back-end and to deliver the MTP16 cables in just 3 weeks. The solution alone would have been nearly impossible with anyone else in the game because this technology is so new and unfamiliar, not to mention the speed at which Mirapath was able to deliver thanks to our strategic partnerships.

Although these cables and panels probably made up less than 5% of the entire project, they were the lynchpin of the environment that kept it together from start to finish.

We didn’t reinvent cables…but we did come out with the latest and greatest form of them.

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