Case Study: Where in the world is Gilbert Cupertino?

Some people say things like “cabling is cabling” or “rack and stack is rack and stack” or “PDU configuration, shmeeDU configuration”, but the expert services team here at Mirapath knows that this is not the case. Delivering consistent quality to our customers no matter the location is of the utmost importance to our team.

As we come out of this global pandemic, Mirapath has once again begun to have a significant uptick in international demand, not only in our six core products but also in our world-class services division. We are happy to be trusted with this critical infrastructure across borders, but it’s not enough to simply coordinate the work with all of our team members. We have to ensure quality, and this is where Gilbert Cupertino steps in.

Gilbert’s first stop was Berlin which consisted of a rack and stack of 380 devices including switches, servers, storage, and anything else you can think of. As with any new site, there were a few minor issues related to the specific building they were working in which Gilbert led the team in overcoming. This expert eye is what our customers have come to know and trust in the Mirapath solution.

He then flew back to his home in California only to hop on a plane the following day to Austin, Texas for similar work in a different location. Here he led from the front helping the team build mount and configure cabinets before delivery to their final site.

Then, not a week later, he flew back to Europe to Amsterdam to check on a team over there with a completely different deployment.

As we’ve said already, Mirapath’s number one priority is our customers and making sure that everything is done according to our standards. This is the type of dedication you will get from the whole Mirapath team.

As Gilbert finishes training the leads on these sites, we do expect him to remain at our home base a little more often, but in the meantime, you can sing to yourself “where in the world is Gilbert Cupertino?”.

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