Our team jumped in ready to identify the best possible solution for them. They wanted a quick way to start monitoring their UPSs and an alert system to proactively replace the equipment before it becomes a bigger issue.

Mirapath’s services team went onsite to check their UPSs and found that they weren’t networked. Our team coordinated with our vendors to buy network cards, install them, and set up a monitoring system.

And what are the results of the Mirapath solution?

Our customer now has a monitoring system that will provide real-time data and alert the users of any issues and automatically create a service ticket on their existent ServiceNow support system.

We also designed and implemented a new process that involves reaching out to the Mirapath support team. Our team will then diagnose the problem and determine if a UPS or UPS battery needs to be replaced before an outage occurs, keeping the network and server room protected.

Don’t wait until you experience an outage that costs you network downtime. Contact Mirapath to see how we can help your company.

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