Case Study: Mira be nimble, Mira be quick, Mira jump over the candlestick

Okay, okay – no candlesticks were involved, but we were very nimble and very quick because meeting the needs of our customers is our number one priority. Here’s the story…

The Mirapath team was winding down and preparing for a relaxing three-day weekend. It was 4:50 pm on the Friday before Labor Day. That’s right, just a few weeks ago. There was the typical chit-chat around the office about how everyone was going to spend their extra time off when a call came in.

It was a major tech firm, and they were in crisis mode. The lead contact from the firm had just heard that they needed their installation done the following week. Mirapath had seen the site once before, and this was no small project. The customer needed to install and configure several racks, PDUs, and UPS units in order to get this data center operational as soon as possible. Not only was there a lot of hardware that needed to be stood up, doing this work properly required expert-level knowledge of the technology and an understanding of how the equipment needed to fit within the space.

Any other professional services team might have scoffed at such a situation. They may not even have answered the call. Who wants to take an urgent call just before a long weekend? But that’s not the Mirapath way. Within an hour of receiving the call, our customer success team and professional services team had put together a plan. They knew exactly who would be at the customer site on the following Tuesday, first thing in the morning, and when the day arrived, they met at 6 am to make sure that everyone was on the same page before the work began. Now, just 10 business days later, we’re putting the finishing touches on the installation and finishing up the configuration.

While it wasn’t clear to Mirapath what was driving the urgency for the customer, it also isn’t our concern. Our concern is meeting the needs of the customer. In this case, the customer not only needed our expertise in the industry but also our unique ability to be nimble and quick. One of the greatest strengths of the Mirapath team is our ability to come together in a hurry and make the right decisions even when the pressure is on. This is the value that we pass on to all of our customers.

Jack may have us beat in the candlestick industry, but when it comes to digital infrastructure, Mirapath is going to be your best bet every time.

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