Have you ever backed up a device before installing a major update? Or do you take the risk and hope your information is all still there by the end of the changes? Our theme this quarter is sustainability and disaster preparedness, and while there are different ways to approach this, a recent project shows a great way to handle it.

One of our long-time customers asked for our help with preparation and support while they modify and bring in additional street power to their buildings. Instead of taking the risk and putting all their sensitive data onto a backup generator, the safer option was to just shut down all the power in the entire building and bring it back up once the electrical modifications had been completed.

It’s a big deal, but it seems pretty straightforward, right? As long as you’ve got plenty of time to plan… This customer needed it NEXT WEEK. We typically pride ourselves on being rather flexible with scheduling but this project really stretched our boundaries.

It took shuffling and overtime and a lot of creative thinking, but we got there. We managed to pull through and were able to schedule a crew of five members on short notice. They graciously agreed to work long shifts that were off-hours from their typical workday. Our team’s commitment to putting in this hard work and effort is extremely appreciated.

We’ve built a certain trust with this customer over the years where they completely trust certain members of our staff to service critical loads and of course, we wanted to help them out. In the end, this is what really makes Mirapath unique, trust. Our customers trust us and we trust them. It’s this mutual understanding that allows us to provide excellent solutions, every time.

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