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7,500 Copper and Fiber Connections in 20 Days

2017-01-11T12:21:30-08:00 September 21, 2015|Connectivity, Low Voltage Structured Cabling, Power Strips|

In a span of 21 days, Mirapath deployed 7,500 copper and fiber connections for a leading eCommerce company.

Background and Challenge

One of the largest eCommerce companies in the world was building up its colocation site under tight deadlines.

The original goal was to have 150 racks deployed along with 300 power strips and 7,500 fiber and copper cables in 30 days.

However, due to construction and permit delays, the customer had less than 21 days before their “go live” date. The company needed a reliable partner to get the job done without compromising quality of deliverables.

Scope of Work

After a competitive bidding process, Mirapath was awarded the contract. Mirapath was able to provide the customer with a complete solution including, but not limited to, the sourcing and deployment of cabinet intelligent power strips, installation of the backbone MTP connections, and final patching of all fiber and copper connections between the servers and network devices.

Mirapath’s knowledge in both low voltage structured cabling and understanding of network topologies gave us the ability to work directly with the network team, translating network design diagrams into physical guidelines. Our established relationships with industry leading power strip manufacturers allowed us to deliver 300 strips within three weeks.

Mirapath’s logistics capabilities were also instrumental in helping the customer overcome storage constraints and delays in construction during the deployment phase.


Mirapath completed this project successfully, both on time and within budget.

Following the completion of the first build, the customer awarded Mirapath the second phase of the project due to the success of phase one.

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