Case Study: (Almost) Crossing Borders

When was the last time you traveled to another country? It seems like forever ago when we were able to travel without any restrictions. Here’s the story of how our technicians almost made it into Canada but were still able to keep our customers happy.

canadaOne of our customers has a site in Canada and they needed UPS and PDU installations in four different IDF/MDF. We had everything scheduled out and a timeline we were on track to hit. The targeted deadline was on a Friday, and on that Tuesday, our technicians were all packed up and ready to travel to Canada.


Our techs were all prepared with the necessary documentation but were stopped at the border of Canada and were not able to get to the site. What now? How are we going to hit the projected deadline when our handy technicians can’t even get onto the site?

Our team proceeded to immediately reach out to various contractors in Canada to hit the deadline in three days! Our CEO, Doris, luckily had a connection in Canada and they had a group of technicians scheduled immediately and successfully delivered within the target dates.

happy customers

We at Mirapath will do everything in our power to make sure our customers are happy. Once we realized our technicians wouldn’t be able to get onto the customer site, we wasted no time finding another way to complete the project and stick to our word.

happy-customer-user-feedback-review-concept-illustration-style_106788-1098Everything was completed within the projected timeline and our customer was very pleased with the results. Our team received some praise from our customer, “Thanks for your strong support, looking forward to working with you again.”

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