Case Study: Business As Usual

As we head into our ninth month of this pandemic, we’re getting more used to this idea of the “New Normal”. Our office setup at home, Zoom meetings in pajama pants, and inevitable shipping delays are just a snippet of how things have changed since the beginning of 2020.

What would’ve sounded really impressive a few months ago because it was done “during a pandemic” was really just an everyday project. Now that we’re getting used to this New Normal, even the most complex projects with very high stakes are starting to sound routine. Of course there are going to be unknown obstacles at every turn…

Untitled design (17)In a recent office buildout, our customer needed CAT6 cabling and backbone cabling from the 1st-floor location to their new office space on the 10th floor, using about 80 Leviton CAT6 cables. We were provided a floor plan for the cabling drops needed. But there was a big challenge… the customer needed Mirapath to install a fiber optic cable from the basement MPOE to the 10th floor IDF! Not only did they already have existing cabling already installed in conduit pipes, but this is a customer who handles extremely sensitive information. Security is absolutely paramount.

commitment to excellenceWith Mirapath,  these projects start to sound “boring”. Our commitment to excellence in planning, delivery, and service has almost become an old hat. So as expected, our Services team was able to make it work, and the customer never had a worry.

It’s the small wins that show our dedication to you. It’s the big wins that show our expertise. But whatever the project, we always win. So why wouldn’t you choose the trusted winners every time?

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