When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone? Sometimes you don’t know what you’re capable of until you actually just try it out – you might surprise yourself.

Our team recently did a project that was out of our usual area of expertise. The amount of coordination and unfamiliar elements made this project especially challenging. We have 18 years of experience under our belts, so it was quite surprising to hit something so new. Would we be able to handle it?

One of our long-time customers reached out to Mirapath to help coordinate rack & stack devices at a third-party shake test facility in order to obtain OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) Special Seismic Certification Preapproval for three of their rack builds. This customer has worked extensively with Mirapath in the past and we were excited to work with them again.

We were the customer’s one-stop shop for providing all the equipment and installation services that they needed and wanted. We procured and installed an Eaton 9PX 6kVA UPS with a battery pack and step-down transformer, a Geist rPDU, and we rack-mounted several other devices they gave us. Initially, the Geist rPDUs weren’t going to arrive on time for the tests so we were able to expedite them for our customer.

This project was the first of its kind that Mirapath engaged in as a company. It was a very challenging one from the coordination with our vendors to having an engineer on-site for the testing day and tracking down their report, to procuring and building options for the shake test “dummy weights” used to replace delicate equipment. There were a lot of moving parts all over the place to manage but once again, our team was able to rise to the occasion and deliver.

The shake tests took place on two different days but the coordination of material pickup and preparing for the job took way more time than the actual test. Due to the hard work and effort of Mirapath’s services team, the shake tests were all successful and our customers were very pleased with the results.

Mirapath went beyond our comfort zone and it turned out to be a success. Another bonus is that now we have this experience under our belt and we know how to get it done in the future.

Here’s a sign for you to take that leap and step out of your comfort zone – you never know what you’ll achieve until you try!

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