Before Apple released the iPhone, do you think Steve Jobs was just focused on selling his iPod Touches and Shuffles? No, he created his own opportunities by constantly innovating to meet the needs of Apple customers. Have you heard the saying? “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. That’s exactly what Mirapath did in one of our recent projects.

cyber-security-vectorOne of our major cybersecurity customers had an issue they’ve been trying to solve for a long time. They went to several vendors, but they were never able to find a solution. What was the problem? They have almost 150 Opengear console servers that only have one RJ45 port. This port can connect a sensor directly to the cabinet door to alert managers when a door is opened. The sensor will also monitor the environment’s humidity and temperature and send an alert if there is an issue.

data center cabinet vectorSo, the problem here is that their console servers only have one port but all of their cabinets have two doors. How can they put a sensor on every door?! As a security firm, it’s extremely important for them to keep all their information secure, so this was a major issue for them that no one could seem to solve…until the experts at Mirapath came along.

After careful analysis and a lot of research, the Mirapath team realized that there was no straightforward solution for them and it seemed the opportunity to work together was lost. So, what did we do? We built the door.

cable wiresRather than calling it quits, our expert services team got together to create two in-house samples of a customized solution. They worked with Opengear to come up with a custom CAT6 pinout that utilizes all the strands to provide additional connectivity. It was shipped out to Opengear that same day it was built, who verified that the solution worked!

saving moneyNot only did we deliver a successful customized solution that solved the customer’s biggest problems, but it also ended up saving money for the customer as well! Typically you’d need to purchase separate solutions for door sensors but in this case, Opengear’s console servers already have the sensors built-in and customers would just need to purchase the adapter.

Overall, this project was a job well done by our services team and proves how dedicated we are to helping our customers succeed. Something to keep in mind today – “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.

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