Case Study: The Customer’s Always Right…right?

Here’s the question of the century – is the customer always right? At Mirapath, yes, the customer is always right, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure they’re happy. Does that make us a kiss-up? Maybe. Do we care? Not at all.

This recent project was for a customer who offers colocation services. All of their customers are dependent on them to prevent downtime for all of their businesses. Since this customer has so many people dependent on them to keep their network up, we knew it was critical to meet their specifications in just the way they expected.

1-3They needed a data center cabinet buildout, migration, and rack & stack services. When looking for an IT infrastructure provider, they were looking for a company they could trust with strong and efficient communication. This was critical to this project because there were three different parties – us, our customer, and the many end-users. Because of this, we had to make sure that everyone was ready to start the process at the same time. There were a lot of moving parts in the beginning and which ended up pushing the start date by two weeks!

This is a true nightmare for a typical project manager, and it certainly made us sweat.

However, the Mirapath Project Manager in charge of the project, Angela Chan, isn’t a “typical” project manager at all… Young and ambitious, Angela set a tight deadline and was determined to still meet those initial expectations.

20201229_155331The customer thought it was an aggressive timeline and didn’t believe it would be done on time, but this time the customer wasn’t right. Our team completed our scope within the deadline, with even a few days to spare!

Not only that, Angela managed the communication challenges every step of the way. From big things like how we plan to build the cabinets to the small details like how the unistrut is going to be installed before we installed it, we were made sure all of the stakeholders were kept up to date.

20201229_155353At Mirapath, we cherish the trust given to us by our customers and end-users. We know that they have many options when choosing a service provider, and so we work hard to exceed their expectations both through our expertise and our grit. We are results-driven and despite the roadblocks and tight deadlines, our team got everything done with time to spare.

So is the customer always right? Well, in this case, the customer didn’t think we’d get the project on time… so, let’s just say 99.9% of the time they are. 😉

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