In the midst of all this chaos we call 2020, there has been one vital industry keeping us all afloat, healthcare. Before we begin our story, we want to take this opportunity to show our support and gratitude for all healthcare professionals, especially those working on the frontlines to keep us safe!

It is absolutely critical that hospitals, doctors’ offices, and labs have a solid digital infrastructure. We at Mirapath are more than happy to be able to assist these healthcare professionals in providing secure infrastructure.

healthcareWe recently helped one of our long-time customers in the healthcare industry build out their cabling in a new data center colocation. They came to us with just an inkling of what they wanted. It was up to the Mirapath engineering team to take this seed of an idea and transform it into a full design layout for their entire power and networking infrastructure.

planningThe biggest challenge in this project was the pre-build design phase. Since this company is a major healthcare company, there were a lot of obstacles when it came to confidentiality and releasing the layout of the already existing facility. So before we were given access to those files, we had to make a lot of assumptions based on what they were telling us. This was a challenge because they had a very tight timeline for when they needed the project to be done, but because of Mirapath’s extensive experience, we were able to work around these significant constraints.

Istar_ratings_reviewsn the end, we were able to get all of their needs met and we delivered it all on time, from designing with our engineering team to the final installations by our professional services team, resulting in a very happy and satisfied customer experience. We were able to use our expertise to give them a better understanding of industry standards and develop the best possible solution for them, on time and under budget.

We are very excited and honored to work with such an important customer who is doing so much good in the world, especially amongst all this chaos.

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