• Case Study: Finding a Holistic Solution

Case Study: Finding a Holistic Solution

Preparing to move into a colocation can be a daunting and complicated process. There are many decisions that impact the cost to build, operate, and scale the data center remotely.

In the past, IT departments would provide an estimate for the equipment and power needs required for their own systems. Some of these estimates were created with no thought given to the IT roadmap and business growth, resulting in inaccurate speculations that were only based on the current needs. Or the estimates were overinflated based on worst-case scenarios provided by the vendors. Facilities would use these estimates to either build exactly what was requested or to once again overinflate the design in an attempt to protect the organization. This outdated process has resulted in large inefficient remote colocation projects that are costly to operate and virtually impossible to upgrade.


The rising costs to construct and operate a remote colocation data center call for a better approach to initial data center design. A holistic design approach provides significant benefits to remote data center managers, facilities, customers, and the organization as a whole.

Successful holistic remote colocation data center design must account for all business requirements, technology innovations, and operational savings while eliminating any ineffective decisions. The following key steps are how Mirapath used a holistic approach to help one of our customers, a prominent semiconductor company, achieve success.Colocation-Server-Hosting

We took into consideration the technology, costs, and logistics.  Starting with technology, we recommended specific outlet PDUs that fit their requirements but also had a universal capacity to account for changes later on.  In addition to the universal PDU outlets, they also have the switched outlet technology which will allow for the PDU to be entirely switched off at one time or each outlet individually. All of this can be remotely controlled and accessed which helps with remote access. Outlet Switched PDUs coupled with console servers seamlessly integrate to further the idea of automation and “remote control”. With this solution, not only can the user remotely log in and control the devices and PDUs, but they can also set up the PDU to send an alert whenever there is a power spike or power outage to the outlets, preventing downtime.

These physical devices are all connected to software solutions that allow their users to not only view and monitor the power installed, but to also have out of band access to the equipment that was moved and installed.

Aside from the technical, there is also the services side that Mirapath provided as well.  Our Professional Services team installed the structural backbone cabling, fiber, and copper, with an enclosure and cassette solution. When making the decision of where to source these materials, we knew we had several vendors to choose from, and we were able to save the customer 20% on materials thanks to our knowledge of the space.

Colocation (1)

We were able to complete this ahead of schedule even during “shelter in place” including a custom cabinet layout with brush panels, receipt of the cabinets when they arrived, set up, installation of the ladder racks, raceways, and grounding of the cabinets.  This was all done while the technicians thoroughly practiced safe social distancing using the PPE provided by Mirapath.  Not to mention, during the pandemic, Mirapath has had zero, and no that is not a typo, it’s so nice I need to say it twice, Mirapath has had zero cases of Covid-19 scenarios internally and externally even while performing services for our customers.

To summarize, Mirapath is not only an essential provider during pandemic times, but has been an essential provider long before any pandemic and will continue to be an essential provider after everything has gone back to normal.  With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Mirapath will continue to be the value-added reseller and service provider they have always strived and committed to being.