Case Study: Services Beyond Cabling

We had a brand new big-name customer that needed PDU installation, including IP configuration, plugging in, and dressing all power connections between the PDU and customer equipment. To the Mirapath team, these sorts of things are part of our standard operating procedure.

However, unlike a standard project, this customer was also interested in bringing us onboard for our industry knowledge and expertise, not just our labor. They requested our Project Management services, including on-site presence and management/QA of other subcontractor scope and colocation deliverables. We were excited to offer our technical project management expertise.

Of course, we’ve given consultation advice before, but there is a major difference between standard project management practice and technical project management. Technical project management includes offering expertise not only for your own scope of work but also for the implementation as a whole. Technical consulting rarely crosses paths with the contractor world because, by the time the contractors arrive, most of these aspects are usually already worked out in the scope of work. Mirapath was able to bring the best of both worlds to the table.

While this was a great opportunity to showcase our broad skillset and knowledge, not having direct control of each element of the implementation did lead to some difficulties. For instance, we did not provide the majority of the equipment on this project, and this led to the formidable task of coordinating the various logistics with shipping and receiving — but Mirapath never backs down from a challenge!

There were many different parties involved, and they sometimes provided input which severely delayed the project and in some cases resulted in a misrepresentation of project scope. Juggling all of these stakeholders while still motivating the team to deliver was a nightmare at times.

In every project that we do, innovation of technology and increased efficiency are implemented. We got this first phase of the project done within the timeline and resulted in a happy customer. It is an ongoing effort leading into a promising 2022, and we are excited to continue offering our industry expertise and experience as a service.