Mirapath recently competed in the 12th Annual Eggs by the Bay™ Eggfest at Saratoga Springs Park, California. This event is one of the top “Big Green Egg only” food festivals in the country, cooking with the Big Green Egg – the Original American Designed Ceramic Cooker introduced in 1974.

This year’s event drew in 450+ attendees and 25 cooking teams. Teams showed off their cooking skills and served hungry visitors their savory creations.

Mirapath joined in on the fun and formed a cooking team for the BBQ competition with 6 talented employees including Charlene Yu – IT/Tools Manager, Dan Doak – Warehouse Manager, Gilbert Pareja – Director of Professional Service Delivery, Glenn Fajardo – Executive Assistant, Patrick  Canonge – Project Manager, and Doris Yeh – CEO and Co-Founder.

“Eggfest was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to show our teamwork outside of the office,” said Dan Doak. “Everybody in the Mirapath team did a great job. All of us enjoyed cooking together, sharing stories and tips, and having Eggfest attendees try the Mirarib sliders was very rewarding!”

The team did very well on their first Eggfest competition. Showcasing their skills, hard work, and team spirit, Mirapath’s “Kickass Mirarib Sliders”  won 6th place out of the 25 cooking teams. The team already has plans for next year’s Eggfest and plans to bring home the #1 trophy!

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Mirapath Places 6th in Eggfest BBQ Contest