Case Study: Moving and Consolidating Critical Lab Devices

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Safely moving critical lab devices was the main objective for the customer – a leading networking solutions provider. They needed to move and consolidate over 5,500 critical lab devices across 25 engineering labs from various office locations into a single location, within the new headquarters, in less than three weeks.

Scope of Work

Phase 1: Planning

In order to meet the three-week deadline, the Mirapath Project Team (MPT) needed to get the client and consultant on the same page. The MPT met with all 25 Lab and IT groups affected by the move. They identified timelines and generated detailed documentation on the move plan. The MPT proactively surveyed both source and destination sites. Doing so identified and resolved costly issues ahead of the move including rack bolting, misplaced racks, and door height issues.

The MPT coordinated with the Lab Managers to identify additional product needs. They procured server racks and power strips to support the labs’ needs at the destination site.

They also provided oversight best practices in the creation and auditing of rack elevations for an estimated 300 racks. The MPT collaborated with the client’s networking team and Lab Architect to block out reserved spaces for top-of-rack switch infrastructure and patch panels.

The inventory management aspect of the project, with over 5,500 pieces of critical computing equipment included in the move, presented another set of challenges.  Equipment needed assessing and decisions needed to be made as to which units should be de-commissioned and of those units, which needed replacing.  It was a dynamic project with last minute changes occurring up to the day the move was to commence.

Phase 2: The Move

The Mirapath Project Team coordinated with the Lab Managers on the move schedule and provided pre-printed, removable labels for each device moving, which correlated to its final destination based on the rack elevations.  The labeling process gave the MPT the flexibility to manage last minute changes without the time-constraint of creating additional documentation.

Starting at the source site, Mirapath’s Professional Services crew in concert with the MPT managed the physical process.  The crew un-racked, packed/prepared for transfer, loaded, transported to the destination site, unloaded, unpacked and re-racked all the devices.  Re-racking the devices were facilitated by the rack elevation labeling.


Despite one of the wettest winters in history, Mirapath safely relocated 5,500 critical Lab and IT devices to the client’s new headquarters. The Mirapath team successfully completed the project on time and on budget.

“My team is very much appreciative of the move; There has been no issues and your move team has done a wonderful job. Thank you!!”

Mirapath Moving Critical Lab Devices   Mirapath Moving Critical Lab Devices   Mirapath Moving Critical Lab Devices

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