• case study from norcal to socal

Case Study: From NorCal to SoCal

Here at Mirapath, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team puts in 110% of their efforts to make sure that you’re happy with the results. We’ve proven this in a recent project.

One of our customers has an office based in Los Angeles and while they have purchased some products from us before, this is our first big project with them in a long time. Some members from our Services team – Ushi, Jonathan, and Diego – flew down to L.A. and did not disappoint.

This was a two-part cabling project. They have a 12-rack set up, two for core racks, and ten for a lot of storage and processing equipment. For the first part of this project, they needed backbone cabling which means cabling from rack to rack. For the second part, they needed front-end patching to connect the patch panels to switch gears on the networking racks.

What differentiates Mirapath from competitors? 

Most other backbone structured cabling vendors are just that. They’re experts when it comes to the back-end cabling but when it comes to front-end, they’re not as skilled. Cabling both the front and back requires a better understanding of how networking equipment works whereas structured cabling is part of a separate industry and is pretty straightforward.

Because the two sides are so different, vendors have a hard time doing both. In addition, they aren’t able to troubleshoot without fully understanding the network. Mirapath’s technicians are expertly trained to do both and can not only install the cables but troubleshoot when needed.

The most challenging part of this project was the patching portion. The customers provided Mirapath with a patching matrix but added in new cabinets last minute. This made it a little more difficult to get the project done correctly. Our project manager, Ushi, had to travel down to L.A. three times to make sure our customer was completely happy with the result!

Overall, our team traveled down to Southern California and did an awesome job, resulting in happy customers! This project goes to show that our team is dedicated to making sure all customers are satisfied with our work.

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