• Case Study: Pandemic Edition

Case Study: Pandemic Edition

Our long-time customer is a global cybersecurity leader focused on shaping the cloud-centric future. They are dedicated to solving the greatest security challenges through constant innovation using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. With over 70,000 customers, this customer is on the frontline to protect these organizations across clouds, networks, and mobile devices. To protect their clients, they need to make sure that their own data centers are secure and efficient. They knew that Mirapath would be there for them to handle whatever they need, despite this current pandemic.


What did they need from us?

IMG_1740This company wanted a lab expansion at an existing site in Texas and asked that we build out a whole new cage space – including our six silos of racks, power, sustainability, connectivity, out of band, and management software. Due to the current pandemic situation, we were presented with many roadblocks. Would the supplies arrive in time? Who was going to do the work? How would Mirapath be able to guarantee quality and on-time completion with all of the travel restrictions in place? And most importantly, how would we be sure to keep everyone safe in the process of solving this problem?


IMG_1318The first issue to tackle was that there were limited workers on-site to receive the required products for the build-out. We had to coordinate two dates, a very small window for delivery, so the vendors could drop ship products to the customers. The second issue was that we couldn’t send our own trained technicians out to Texas because they would need to quarantine for two weeks, which would delay the project.

Our Director of Services, Gilbert Pareja, flew out to Texas and worked with an on-site team to get the job done. Having Gilbert onsite guaranteed Mirapath’s promise for quality as well as our commitment to the safety of everyone involved. This was no small matter given the level of cases being reported in Texas at the time, but Gilbert saw the big picture. Our customer needed these pieces in place in order to continue providing their essential services to their clients. Now more than ever, it is critical to have their security services in place.

time constraint editedThe second major barrier had to do with time constraints. Due to the short timeframe, our team was not able to do the standard on-site walk-through before the build-out so we had to rely on our customer’s drawings and Gilbert’s background knowledge from a previous visit. While this was a risky decision, we were able to maneuver around any minor issues that came up.

Next, as one might expect with the pandemic, there’s bound to be delays in shipping. However, we were able to work our way around and reprioritize our tasks to make sure everything was done promptly. Despite the delays in shipping, we were able to finish our part within the two-week time frame given to us by our customer.

IMG_1985Finally, there’s always the unknown issues that come up on site. This project involved a lot of thinking on our feet to make sure everything fit perfectly without cutting any corners. First, an air vent unexpectedly blocked the way of using a full rack so we made a change order to exchange one of the racks. Then the customer asked for a full rack and stack of more than 50 servers and devices. This was beyond the scope of the original project, but we were more than willing to help. Lastly, they told us they didn’t have the necessary patch cords for the rack and stack, so we rush ordered the products and got the job done.


cablingMirapath has proven to be your reliable data center provider. This project had many roadblocks, especially because of this current pandemic we’re all facing. We heard and understood our customer’s needs, designed a customized solution for them, and traveled across the country to complete the installation within their given time frame.

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