• Case Study: Race Against Time

Case Study: A Race Against Time

Have you ever tracked down a moving FedEx truck for a package? That’s exactly what our Project Manager, Steve, had to do for this project.

Mirapath recently had a project in Brisbane, California for a customer we’ve had for about 3-4 years now. They told us what they wanted, and the Mirapath team put on our consulting hat. We suggested new ideas and came up with a game plan. This is the value of Mirapath at play, experience and expertise guiding our customers to the ideal solution.

This customer needed 160 Cat6 cables to add to new lab environments as well as an IDF clean up and crossover. They requested Mirapath for this project because our technicians are more experienced than most. They put their trust in our hands because they know we’ll get it done promptly and accurately.

As it turns out, this project turned into quite the adventure…

It was a Friday and our Project Manager, Steve, was waiting at Mirapath for the delivery of patch cables. He needed this delivery by that day in order to get the project done on time. Once it hit 6 pm, he realized it wasn’t arriving. He went to the FedEx office and was told there was no on-site contact.

So, what did he do? He saw a FedEx truck on the road and the driver gave him three cell phone numbers of other drivers in the area. Steve hopped in his car and heroically chased down these other drivers to find these patch cables and successfully found them! The driver gave him his packages and Steve was able to get them on-site by 9 pm.

CareDx Before_After 2

The next challenge was that it had to be all done on a Sunday so that it’s all ready for Monday’s workday to avoid downtime. Two of our technicians, Javier and Zack, worked late hours on Sunday, the only day there’s nobody in the office. This shows their dedication and hard work to get the job done on time.

The end result was great! Mirapath was able to use a holistic view to see the bigger picture and deliver more than what was asked for. It’s easy to overlook something when a customer is planning out what they need so Mirapath professionals offer a fresh set of eyes in case there’s more to it. The project was done within the given time frame and the customer was happy with the results!

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